It’s a Loving Season

Love: what a complex, multi-layered word that unifies the entire human race. How often we limit the scope of this four lettered call to action. We are bombarded with commercials, movies, and music that portray love as the ultimate romantic fantasy. But what about the ultimate love story? The one between a father, and his rebellious, undeserving children.

It’s impossible to wrap our finite human minds around the unrelenting goodness of God. Throughout the Christmas season, it is so easy to become overwhelmed with buying gifts for loved ones, decorating our pine trees, and baking lots of yummy cookies. So often, we speed through the month of December, maybe reading Luke chapter 2 once and glancing at our nativity scenes around the house.

But this season, I was challenged by my pastor to really try to imagine the story of Jesus birth for exactly what it was: a miracle wrapped in love. God mercifully allowed His son to enter into raw humanness, faced with temptation and sin so that we may receive the gift of grace. Jesus is the ultimate symbol of redemption and unconditional love. He left the comfort of heavenly life with God, only to be put to death in a gruesome way by the ones He came to save.

I can think of no better love story. The pure, unrelenting love of Jesus should be the reason we are so joyful this season. In this season of giving, try to take a few moments and reflect on the ultimate gift. As you’re loving on your families or significant other, try to imitate the love of Christ.

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