A Cookie Filled with Grace

I was having a terrible day today. It was one of those days where nothing seems to be going well, and God’s grace seemed miles and miles away. Even talking to my loving, God fearing boyfriend did little to cure my woeful mood. To be honest, I was wrapped up in my own sin, consumed by selfish thoughts that clouded the evidences of God’s goodness.

And then, my mom texted me. Simply moved to show me and my roommate love, she ordered twelve cookies to be delivered straight to our dorm room. She had no idea what a terrible day I was having, and simply felt moved to bless us in this simple way. This was no small fete, considering it snowed all day today in Boone, and conditions were terrible for driving. The phone rang, and the driver eagerly said he was waiting for me in the lobby. When I met him there, he was beaming with joy and told me to “hug my mom tight” because she had just blessed him with an awesome tip and it made his night!

When I brought the twelve delicious chocolate chip cookies up to my room, my roommate beamed with a joy that’s been absent from her face for a while. I decided to give some cookies to my best friend on the hall, and when I walked into her room, she was overwhelmed with anxiety. A simple cookie made her panic subside, and brought a smile to her face. While enjoying my cookie, I kept thinking about what a representation of God’s grace these little morsels were in my limited world tonight.

In the bustle of cookie delivering, I had let go of my fears and doubts about God. Grace was restored under the guise of a simple gift. In blessing me with a simple, selfless gift, my mother has blessed so many others. Oh how wonderful Jesus is, and how frequently we forget his unyielding goodness! I am so blessed to have a mother who loves sacrificially. I am so grateful to have a Jesus who uses something so simple to remind us of His faithfulness.

What is God using to bring You closer to him? I wonder how many people would be truly blessed, if we all followed God’s call and dared to step outside of ourselves to bless others. I am so inspired to love outwardly, eager to show God’s graces to others with the power of a simple gift. Give without thinking twice, love selflessly.

(Thanks Mom for the reminder. Love you long time.)

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