Let Go and Surrender

I’ve wrestled with an Anxiety Disorder and Clinical Depression for many years now. At times, the disorders seemed to dictate my life, and I was enslaved to their side effects. However, I have learned so much about God’s goodness in the past year. When I finally surrendered all to Him, He allowed me to find hope. Even though times got dark, there was always a spark of light beneath the surface that never left. He has led me through some deep valleys, and never left my side.

I decided to get the words “let go” tattooed on me, as a reminder to let go of my past self, fears, doubts, and feelings of hopelessness. I’m choosing to let go of the plan I had made for my life when I refused to admit that God is really the one in control. I will let go and surrender my everything to Jesus, because only He can carry my heavy load.

Sometimes letting go is scary. We are so attached to our sin, that making big changes can seem intimidating. However, letting go of our brokenness and giving it to Jesus is the only way to be made whole. We cannot receive lasting healing until we are fully surrendered. I hope to always remember this going forward,

“Let go, y soul, and trust in Him. The waves and wind still know His name. It is well with my soul.”

(“It is Well” by Bethel Music)

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