(Young) Adulthood

Maybe this season isn’t about being free,

Testing the limits of adulthood until we break.

Perhaps this season isn’t about settling into a routine,

Burdened by the mundane and withered by premature pain.

This season is about becoming, growing, changing.

Giving ourselves time to explore the space between Disney princesses and mortgages.

Making mistakes, and learning from our ignorance.

Allotting time for adventure,

So that regret doesn’t become a familiar blanket we cuddle up with in middle age.

Embracing change so that our young adulthood doesn’t become a period of stagnancy.

Discovering the reasons behind our uniqueness and the plethora of emotions we possess.

We must become so that we can one day settle into settledness with peace in our hearts and memories to share.

We must become.

I am becoming.

4 thoughts on “(Young) Adulthood

  1. Sally says:

    So beautifully written, I stumbled across your blog whilst looking at Love Africa missions. Such a random find but what a spectacular discovery. God is using you beyond what you can physically see.


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