August Reflections 

August is a special month for me,
Representing a time when I was set free. 

I laid my life down at the foot of the cross,

So tired of wandering around hopelessly lost.

I wore religion like a blanket,

And was just so tired of faking it.

Spent a few years chasing the world’s dreams,

But things never seemed to settle right within me. 

I was empty and shallow,

So confused as to how I’d allowed myself to get so low.

When the Father started calling my name,

And on that fateful day I came.

The year that followed was wrought with pain,
But through it all God’s faithfulness remained.

He filled me with peace,

Helped my tears cease. 

Constantly reminding me that His love abounds,

He allowed me to experience Kenya and feel His presence all around.

Though at times I felt weak,

He reminded me that His love is all I should seek.

Now I stand confident in God’s perfect plan,
Knowing He has the world in the palm of His hand.

If he can save me, there’s no limit to His grace.

All you must do is open your eyes to see His face.

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