Permanent Ink

I met a girl the other day with a cross on her ankle,

and ‘Yaweh’ on her wrist.

Her heart-song so beautifully conveyed in permanent ink.

She’s a college student just like you and me,

But her declaration makes her bold about the One she chooses to seek.

The black stain scars made my baby smooth skin ache,

For in that moment I realized that she put me to shame.

She is never able to pretend to be anywhere other than kneeling at the cross,

Because her skin screams “Christian” while some of us still pretend to be lost.

My heart felt funny as I looked at her joyous face,

Her faith the first thing I noticed when accessing her that day.

She made me question my own transparency,

For we don’t all need tattoos but we are all called to leave a legacy.

Am I brave enough to be a walking cross?

Oh Abba, let me seek to love You no matter the cost.

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