A Call to Action

We are called to love the broken,

Yet we trace their jagged edges with disapproving thumbs.

We were called to be set apart,

Yet we desire to conform to the slipping standards of our nation.

We are called to serve,

And yet we feed our pocketbooks before the mouths of babes.

We were called to be merciful,

Yet we are often the quickest to judge.

We are called to be salt and light,

Yet we crave the sweet taste of sin and cover our guilt with darkness.

We are called to be united,

Yet we could not be more splintered.

The Church was created for more than this.

(Note: These sentiments obviously do not apply to every Christian, every Church. I am reflecting on the modern church as a whole, and puttingmy own spin on a crisis I see arising in our culture.)

One thought on “A Call to Action

  1. Pam says:

    This is so true in general. Today many define an active church member as someone who attends church services at least three times a month.
    Right now my whole church, every life class has come together under the same study titled ” I Will ” we will all be better equip, edify, unify, mature and grow. No more I could, I might, I can, I should but I Will.

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