Stillness in this Season

What a beautiful, busy Christmas season it has been. The past few weeks have been filled with a flurry of activity and lots of peanut butter desserts. My favorite time of the year are the days preceding Christmas Day and the few restful days after the holiday. For a few days, life seems put on pause. No matter how old we become, the Christmas season unlocks our inner childhood wonder. We are enraptured by the magic of the season. And then after, we allow ourselves to rest, ready to find peace after the season’s storm of activity. These moments are the most precious, when our hearts are full and we wait in anticipation for the new year to dawn. I hope you enjoy this precious time. I pray you don’t rush the peace or wish away your time of reflection.

May you enjoy these few days of blissful silence,

Allowing yourself to seek stillness in the wake of Christmas chaos.

Preparing your heart for a new beginning,

Cherishing the peace that overwhelms in this season of praise.




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