A New Year Begins

Farewell 2015. This year was full of growth and grieving. A true culmination of bitter and sweet, ultimately designed by the Father to yield me closer to His open arms. But as a new year dawns, I am becoming increasingly aware of the chance for a clean slate. No, a new calendar year does not mean that all of my earthly problems are gone, but it does instill a sense of purpose within me. It brings healing to my bones, and makes me want to start anew.

I feel as if this year has brought me to the brink of a more intimate, divine relationship with the Father, and for that I am eternally grateful for the struggle. There is a redemption story weaving its way through the hardships I have endured. There is mercy in the mayhem. There is calm after the seemingly never-ending storm.

I am expectant for this new year. I feel ready for whatever the Lord brings. But at the same time, there are some changes that I feel compelled to make in this season. They’re resolutions, yes, but they’re also dreams, prayers, and plans.

1. I want to busy myself in the pursuit of the things I am passionate about, writing and photography. I want to become so busy fulfilling my dreams that I forget to make plans.

2. This year, I’m praying for the strength to be more vulnerable. To stop being afraid of weakness.

3. I want to be intentional in my relationships, and pursue those around me that are healthy and make me come alive.

4. This year, I am especially praying for a church home. I crave community, and I’m hoping that God will lead me to the right place.

5. Finally, I am going to be focused on listening to God’s leading. My tendency is to want to plan every single step of my future, and I want to be intentional in following God’s calling.

Blessings to you all, and a very Happy New Year! I would love to hear about your resolutions in the comments below!

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