Inked Up

Two days ago, I made a decision to get a wildflower and Hebrew tattooed on my skin. To some, this choice seems irrational. “You already have so many tattoos, why another one?” I respect your opinion. I welcome the criticism. But please understand, my ink is my choice and my ministry.

I have been praying about being bold with my life, unashamed about my faith, and firmly rooted in the security of Jesus. All of my tattoos have meaning, but I was always afraid of making something about Jesus visible on my skin. When I was 18, I didn’t want a cross because I wasn’t sure what it really meant. I was afraid that people would judge me, see me as “one of them.” But now, I’m tired of being afraid and unwilling to stand alone in my faith.

I chose this tattoo, because wildflowers are redemptive. They are resilient. They stand alone in the midst of weeds. And when wildfires ravage the forests in California, wildflowers are the first new life to bloom from the ash.

I want people to ask about my ink. I wanted a ministry tool, a picture of God’s grace to me, that hopefully touches someone else. I chose to place it on my arm, because I’m tired of insecurity constantly whispering untruth, “You better hide who you are, what you believe in, because what if they disagree?”

I love Jesus. I believe in His power. But many of my friends do not, and that is okay. I still love them fiercely. We can agree to disagree.

But my ink is the key to my heart. I want to live life boldly. I have a permanent faith. I (literally) wear my heart on my sleeve.

So now you know why. Why “another tattoo.” Why get something “so visible.” Because I’m tired of an invisible faith. Do you have something so important to you, that you would get a reminder of it permanently inked on your body? I hope you do. Passion is what we were made for, what we crave in the depths of our souls. Live unashamed.

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