Friday Favorites 1

I absolutely love Fridays. I feel like Fridays should always be celebrated because the long-awaited weekend is here and we can FINALLY breathe again! No more classes or work for three whole amazing days. Bless it. I get as excited for Fridays as I do for Bachelor Mondays (which is saying something y’all.)

I’m going to round up my top 5 favorites from this week…I hope you enjoy!

1. Hannah Brencher. I know this is technically a person, not a thing, but I cannot contain my love for her. I recently finished her novel (review here) and it absolutely blew my mind, but her blog is just as wonderful. I’ve been spending a lot of time reading her old posts, and understanding more about the company she started. Hannah is a Jesus loving millennial who’s honest and gutsy. I promise you will read everything she writes and forget that she’s not sitting across from you whispering over her vanilla latte. She’s the real deal.


635892501013128874-1317441503_Screen Shot 2016-01-24 at 10-1.32.31 AM.png1430409847276.png

2. The Instagram site (the_home_edit) and website that helps you organize every aspect of  your entire home! The creators of this company should win an award. For real.  I want to visit their home and ogle at their immaculate kitchen and perfectly organized desk. Their photos are drool-worthy on Insta. I wish I could feature them all here!


3. Walk in Love online store. I was nervous about buying something from this Christian company, because I wasn’t sure if the t-shirts would turn out as amazing in person as they look on Instagram. I’m so glad I took the gamble, because I now have a cool graphic tee that says “No Fear in Love.” I look like a little Christian hipster when I wear it, and for five seconds I feel like I go to Hillsong Church. Which is awesome. Bottom line: check out their Instagam and online store.


(note: this model is not me, I snatched it from the website)

4. The new Bethel Music CD Have it All. Bethel music is my favorite worship band to sing along to win the car. In my opinion, the best songs on this album are “Faithful to the End” and “Pieces.” If you haven’t heard of Bethel before, please drop everything and watch them perform a modern twist on the amazing hymn “It is Well.”


5. Fuller House. I cannot get enough of this cute new show on Netflix! I was wary to watch it because Full House had such an incredible run in the 90’s, but this re-make is just as entertaining and family-friendly. I have loved seeing DJ, Stephanie and Kimmy in their adulthood! It feels like a piece of my childhood has come back again.


Honorable Mentions:

  1. People who actually use turn signals when they drive
  2. The news that the new Harry Potter movie is filming in my hometown
  3. The Bachelor Finale. This is not one of my top 5 because I was rooting for Jojo and I cried when she was dumped on live television. (I got way too attached this season)

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