Sunday Review: Steadfast Love

I just finished meditating over the truths written in Lauren Chandler’s Steadfast Love.img_3890-2

I’m usually wary of reading new releases, because I like to read reviews on books before I commit to one. But I entered a giveaway, and received a free copy in the mail. So I had no excuse to avoid cracking open the text.

With virtually no expectations, I started reading a beautiful commentary on Psalm 107. Chandler’s honest heart-cries are so inspiring. I loved that her insights were sprinkled with quotes from various leaders of the Christian faith (John Piper and Tim Keller to name a few.) She unpacks the Bible in a wise way, using references from both the New and Old Testament to further her commentary on Psalm 107. I found myself gaining new perspective on Bible stories and finding hope in the Lord’s steadfast love.

The most impressive aspect of the book, in my opinion, was the layout. The chapters were weighty, but never left me feeling bogged down. The words were written in blue ink. The cover is beautiful. And each chapter begins with the verses from Psalm 107, so that readers stay consistent with the material.

I used the book as part of my daily Bible study, because her chapters were so Biblically sound and full of nuggets of wisdom. In reading this book, give yourself some time to really mull over what Chandler is beautifully saying. This is not a speed read. It is meant to be enjoyed, but also savored. I’m so thankful I gave it a chance! I will be coming back to it for years to come.

Favorite quotes:

“You may find yourself in the desert because God loved you too much to let you live as a slave to your own Egypt and your own wells. He has drawn you into the wilderness because of his lovingkindness to expose Egypt and the wells for what they are-false anchors. What did you receive in return? Freedom.”

“The beginning of wisdom is coming to the end of ourselves.”

“Humans were not meant to shoulder stardom. As the moon reflects the light of the sun, so we are meant to reflect the glory of God.”

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