Brown Eyes

Oh little girl with the big brown eyes,

I see how much you hurt.

Your soul is crying, your heart trembles, desperate for life.

Your plans have been fumbled,

You feel like a lost cause.

But let me tell you there’s mercy at the foot of the cross.

You think the concept of Jesus is absurd-a man sent to redeem? 

When all you have known are men that sleep in your sheets.

But he was sent to bring you hope,

Make your meager life complete.

There is rest for the weary when you sit at His feet.

I know it’s scary, this idea of surrender.

But I promise it’s true.

He loves us all, and Christians are sinners just like you. 

Life may not be perfect,

But at least Jesus gives us purpose. 

He sees the hope behind your eyes, redemption waiting for your call. 

I wonder if you would be willing to trust Him, give Him your all?

He wants your sadness, your depression my dear.

He promises joy if only you draw near. 

Oh little girl with the big brown eyes,

I see how much you hurt.



a season for hibernating,

frost dotting our eyelashes and wind gusts whipping our cheeks.

a season for remembering,

hugging your loved ones close and keeping them warm.

a season for promise,

snow bleaching everything clean and new life waiting for spring’s first light.

a season for calm,

stillness bracketing the world around you and leaving you silenced with a whisper.

a season for stillness,

resting in peace, and anticipating the coming spring.


Just Wait

I sit in monstrous silence,

The kind that swallows you whole and twists your insides like a pretzel.

The fragility of life makes the air look like glass,

Destined to be shattered at any moment.

In the waiting, there is no voice of reason.

In the waiting, there are no rose-colored glasses, only foggy lenses. 

In the waiting, there are feelings that have faces. 

In the waiting, hope whispers its still, soft song.